Hard Wood 

Below are some general guidelines for a polyurethane, acid cure or water base coated hardwood floor. Different woods, finishes, stains, types of flooring materials, etc require different types of care. Please check with your manufacture to be sure you are following the proper maintenance procedures for your specific type of floor.

How soon after the finish is put down can I move my furniture back on the floor?

After a fresh coat has been applied it is usually hard enough to walk on the floor with sock feet after 8 to 12 hours. After 3 days it is usually hard enough to put furniture with felt pads underneath on it.  

How do I keep my floor safe from scuffs in places like under the kitchen table?

It is recommended to put furniture pads on furniture that will be directly on the wood. It is especially important to have them on furniture such as kitchen stools and chairs that will move or be scooted. It is also important to check the pads often to make sure crumbs, rocks etc haven’t gotten stuck to the bottom as this can still cause scratches in your floor.

How do I take care of my hardwood floor?

We recommend using a soft bristled broom or dust mop daily in high traffic areas. Vacuum weekly with a hardwood floor brush attachment or the beater bar turned off. Every 2-4 weeks it is recommended to use a hardwood floor cleaner with hardwood floor mop. The less mopping, the better it is for your hardwood floor.

Do I need to use a humidifier?

Yes, here in Utah it is very dry, especially in the winter months when your furnace is being used. So to avoid getting cracks in your floor you will want to use a humidifier. 30% humidity is ideal.

Can my pet walk on the hardwood floor?

Once the coat on your floor is completely dry, your pets are welcome to walk on the floor. You will want to keep their nails trimmed. Also check their paws to make sure they aren’t tracking in dirt, sand, rocks etc. 

Can I walk on the hardwood floor with high heels?

Yes, the harder the wood the less indentations you will get. Woods like cherry and walnut are softer and will get small dents. Hickory or Brazilian cherry are harder and less likely to dent. 

What if I spill water or other liquid on my hardwood floor?

Always clean spills of any kind immediately!! Soak liquids up with a towel. If something other than water was spilled, clean the stickiness up with a hardwood floor cleaner or water and a rag or hardwood flooring mop. 

Can I use a multi surface cleaner like Pledge on my floor?

 We recommend using a product that is designed specifically for hardwood floors. ​Bona 
 is a good cleaner

Can I use a mop on my floor?

Yes, a hardwood floor mop. see #3

Do I need rugs? What are the best locations for them?

Rugs are highly recommended. When placed in entry ways they help reduce the amount of dirt, rocks, etc tracked in on the floor which can cause scratches. We also recommend rugs in high traffic areas or areas that you might stand at a lot, such as the sink or stove. Rugs in these locations help to prolong the life of the floor. Be sure the backing on the rug is hardwood floor friendly. You will typically want to avoid rug pads made from vinyl or PVC.

Are you afraid of a scratch in your hardwood floor?

Do yourself a favor, tell your kids or grandkids to bring a trike in on the floor and scratch it up after it’s a week old. Then you won’t stress about scratches and can enjoy your life! 


When should I replace my carpet?

Anytime can be a good time to replace your carpet. A few signs to look for as a hint of when it really needs to be replaced include: 

  • Stains
     A​re there food stains, pet stains or other stains?
  • Wear and tear
     Do the carpet fibers still stand up straight?
  • Matted
    Are there areas in your carpet​ that don’t look as fluffy as they once did?
  • Smelly
    Rotting food crumbs, pet dander, filth brought in off of shoes, mold can all be in your carpet and create smells​
  • Worn out padding
    Those areas in your carpet that don’t seem as fluffy could also be from worn out padding.
  • Mold
    Improperly cleaned ​liquids, high humidity, leaks, flooding etc can all cause mold in your carpet.
  • Increase in allergy symptoms
     If you find yourself having more allergy symptoms, it may be due to all the built up allergens in your carpet​. The longer your carpet is around, the more allergens it can retain. 
  • Old
     Does your carpet not look as good as it once did? Is it faded? Does it not feel as good as it did? Does it just feel icky when you are on it? ​
  • Outdated
     You have probably put a lot of time, effort and money into picking out and decorating your house. If your carpet doesn’t match your decor, then maybe it’s time to get new carpet.